Demographic Doom Podcast

24. Childhood Trauma

December 22, 2019

In choosing to have a child, you must accept that you may be imposing pain upon them. For example, they may experience a devastating disease or disability which would have never happen had you not brought them into the world. Life is, by its nature, traumatic, and you can justify imposing this trauma on someone else only if you believe the value of sustaining your culture outweighs the potential risks. Roughly one in ten births is likely to become "problematic" in one way or another, but you do it for the nine successes. In this episode, Glenn Campbell explores several aspects of childhood trauma, including a form that every child must face: "real-life adjustment trauma." Parents create a protected environment for their children which is never easy to escape from. — Also see + Instagram + Twitter. Comment on video at [ep 24]

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