Demographic Doom Podcast

53. Fifteen Defining Features of the Post-Nuclear Family (44 min)

February 4, 2021

In a "dramatic reading" of his webpage, Glenn Campbell lists 15 key characteristics of his proposed post-nuclear family. In this system, between 9 and 18 children are raised in a single household by a consortium of parents who do not live there. Glenn begins with an overview and a list of five issues the structure is intended to address, including the high cost of parenting. He then lists the 15 "defining" features followed by a dozen "implied" ones. The implied features are not essential to the system, but Glenn believes they are likely offshoots of his main proposal. Finally, Glenn lists a series of "policy" issues that the founding parents must address before the family begins. Glenn is reading from the webpage:  — Website: — Twitter: @DemographicDoom — See the video version of this episode for notes, comments, corrections & links to other resources: [ep 53, 4 Feb 2021]

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