Demographic Doom Podcast

57. Introduction to Demographic Doom and the Post-Nuclear Family (64 min)

May 3, 2021

Glenn Campbell summarizes the humanity's greatest demographic threat—a shortage of babies in the developed world—and his proposed long-term solution: a system he calls the "post-nuclear family". Speaking without a script (and on video), Glenn first describes the global baby bust and the financial crisis it is creating. Although the population is getting older and less productive, governments are spending money far more money than they are collecting in tax. This condition has to end in tragedy. At 40:00, Glenn begins to describe his theoretical family system and how it would work. He proposes bringing back big families: between 9 and 18 kids in one household. The only way this can realistically be pulled off is by a number of adults joining forces. — Twitter: @DemographicDoom — See the YouTube version of this episode for notes, comments, corrections & links to other resources: [ep 57, 3 May 2021]

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